Tribbing Tryst

Added August 19, 2012

Peaches (pink top) describes a girl-girl scene she saw to Zara, and asks her if she wants to try doing that. Peaches kisses Zara and puts ther moves on her. She gets Zara naked, and starts fingering her pussy and licking her ass hole. Then Zara licks Peaches' pussy from behind, and then she fingers Peaches while licking her ass hole. She then inserts her finger into Peaches' ass, and then she finger fucks Peaches to orgasm. The girls then go in the bathroom and clean up and put some clothes on, but before long they are at it again on the bed. They masturbate each other at the same time, and then they put their pussies together and start tribbing. They grind their pussies together had and long, and Peaches comes. Finally, Peaches finger fucks Zara while kissing her until she comes.

Featured model(s):

Peaches, Zara

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