Candid Photography

Added October 21, 2012

Nikitta relaxes on the patio, while Sascha (dark hair) looks at her though the sliding glass door and admires her sexy ass. Nikitta comes into the kitchen. Sascha surreptitiously photographs Nikitta's ass using her phone, and then Sascha comes onto her strong with lots of compliments about her sexy body. Sascha kisses Nikitta, and then she leads Nikitta up to the bedroom. The girls start kissing passionately as they undress each other. Sascha goes down on Nikitta, eating her pussy first as she reclines and then after Nikitta stands up on the bed. Then the girls start tribbing, doing it long and hard. Then Sascha goes down on Nikitta once more, fingering her with three fingers and licking her pussy until she has an intense orgasm. Then Nikitta eats Sascha's pussy. Then Nikitta intensely finger fucks Sascha while cradling and kissing her until Sascha comes. Then the girls kiss again.

Featured model(s):

Nikitta, Sascha

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