The sample videos are in both Windows Media 9 format and MPEG-1 format.

The Windows Media 9 samples are 640x480 resolution, 1 megabit/sec. These are intended for people with high speed internet access (cable modem or fast DSL) and Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Macintosh OSX.

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The MPEG-1 versions are 320x240 640 kilobits/sec. These are intended for people with lower speed connections or older operating systems. They should work on any computer.

Web-TV may be able to play these files, but due to Web-TV's 8MB file size limit, most of the videos in the members area will not work with Web-TV.

The sample videos, like the videos in the members area, are downloadable. So even if your internet connection is not fast enough to stream the video, you can save it to your hard drive first and play it at normal speed. You can also keep the videos for your own personal use forever.

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